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Karma Technologies International Limited is the maker of borofree, an award-winning salary advance solution that offers zero interest, zero fees, and zero cost to employees and employers.

The company was founded after seeing how unethical the financial world can be. We want to solve the debt of UK's hardworking workforce and transform their relationship with money.

Our challenge was simple in its idea and major in its ambition: how could we run a business that charges its customers nothing? borofree was our answer.

borofree salary advance solution

empowering businesses by empowering people

borofree is in your corner, so let us help your team rewrite their money story

of UK employees indicated they would be interested in having access to financial wellbeing support
stating that they don’t think the perks being offered are relevant or tailored to them
of UK employees reveal
they have had their comes packages reduced or cut
completely in the
last 12 months
revealing they have never received any perks from the company they currently
work for

We want to build a world where more people gain financial confidence:
because we know that these are keys to their work productivity, mental health, and general wellbeing.

doing good using smart technology

Completed FCA Sandbox
UK Government Voucher Scheme supplier
ISO 27001 Certification
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

We envision a time where everybody can achieve financial wellness so we participated in the FCA sandbox to further develop our solutions and make sure it’s qualified to address the gaps that we want to fix.

Karma Technologies also has been selected as one of the 13 suppliers by The Crown Commercial Services to support the distribution of £1.5B worth of UK Government Vouchers.

We’ve also earned certifications for both Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 and were recognized by the Scottish Government for transforming our cause to a tangible solution that helps the most vulnerable in the society.

Our minds are set and our proprietary tech is ready. borofree is here to financially support the hardworking UK workforce when they need it the most, and we will always be true to our name.

what we do

We help you get through life’s unexpected moments like a flat tyre, a parking ticket, a sneaky leak. For some, it’s an inconvenience. For many of us, it’s intensely stressful.

When these unexpected moments happen, our options are limited: many of us turn to payday loans, resulting in uncomfortable conversations, inflated interest rates and unfair charges. The service that’s supposed to help us in an emergency actively works against us. But help shouldn’t come at a premium. None of us should live in financial shame.

At borofree, our secure app allows you to advance up to £300 of their salary with 0% interest, £0 fees, and £0 cost, through gift cards from over 50 of the UK’s top retailers.

It is quick, secure, and simple for employers to join because it doesn’t need integration with any payroll system, and it makes salary advances effortless for employees through real-time and automatic repayments.

borofree salary advance

our commitment

borofree is committed to helping UK’s hardworking workforce with an ethical salary advance solution that is completely free of interest, fees, and cost. borofree is safe to use with no hidden charges, no requirement for credit checks, and bears no impact on credit scores.

borofree is here to aid in transforming people’s relationship with money through a smart and advanced app-based financial technology.

Unlike payday loans and credit cards, borofree is capped at £300 instilling financial discipline so that you only use what you need.

Through borofree, we aim to lessen the number of employees that are under stress because of money. We want employees to gain financial confidence and wellness so they can give back to their employers with ensured productivity and remarkable performance.

borofree won 2 GCVA
hall of fame awards

borofree has won The Big ESG Award and The Most Innovative Initiative Award confirming it’s importance and relevance to employers of all sizes.

Only four months after launch, borofree bagged two awards from the Gift Card & Voucher Association (GCVA)’s Hall of Fame Awards 2021. It is an honour to be recognised by the leading association as both technologically innovative and relevant to today’s social challenges.

2 GCVA hall of fame awards

trusted partners and investors

We are proud to work alongside individuals, businesses, and organizations with the same passion for uplifting the financial wellbeing of UK’s workforce.

Fortunis Venture Capital
Tweed Business Advisory
Perks Direct
Benefit Direct
Kith and Kin Financial Solutions