a wellness fund to support employees of GCVA members

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salary advance

borofree financial well-being

our partnership will help you put your people first

borofree Time Management
Improve work productivity and decrease workplace stress by transforming your workforce’s relationship with money
borofree Financial wellbeing
Attract, motivate and retain employees by supporting their financial well-being without cost
borofree Quick Secure Payroll
Quick, secure and simple enrolment without the need to integrate your payroll into our system
borofree Salary Advances
Real-time and automatic repayments that make salary advances effortless

boost your business by looking after your employees’ financial well-being

77% of employees admit that financial concerns impact their performance at work
and 94% of employees are stressed about money. Here are key
benefits that your business can gain with the financial well-being tool.

borofree Increased productivity
Increased productivity
borofree Attract and retain talent
Attract and retain talent
borofree Improve employee engagement
Improve employee engagement
borofree Lower absences
Lower absences

Start solving employee engagement with a cost-free and worry-free salary advance solution.

With our technology, we are able to take away the pain of waiting for payday by giving you financial breathing space.

borofree brands and retailers
Gain access to more than 50 brands and retailers
borofree salary advance
Get quick and advance access to up to £300 of your salary every month
borofree gift cards
Manage your gift cards tin one place
borofree send gift cards
Send gift cards to family and friends
borofree spending repayment
Track your spending and facilitate repayment effortlessly

more than a salary advance

borofree is here to help rewrite financial stories with an employee benefit that can be used during emergencies,
support users in budgeting, assist them with financial planning and even send gifts to friends and family

borofree for emergencies

for emergencies

If unexpected event comes up that costs a fair chunk of money, users don’t have to resort to using credit cards or other loan facilities that charge high interest rates.
borofree for budgeting

for budgeting

With borofree’s closed-loop gift cards, users are able to stay on top of their spending more easily and efficiently than using cash.

With advances capped (maxed at £300), users can always be confident that they’re never advancing more than they can afford
borofree for planning

for planning

Users can use borofree to set aside gift cards each month for anticipated events like birthdays and Christmas.

It reduces financial stress and avoid debt
borofree for gifting

for gifting

borofree users are given the opportunity to share their gift cards by sending them out to family and friends through the app.

Gifting has never been this simple, easy and personal

borofree and Sainsbury's have joined together to support employees of
GCVA members by creating a Wellness Fund.

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