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Join our select group of partners that help empower businesses with borofree, the first and only salary advance solution that’s 0% interest, £0 fees, and £0 cost for employers and employees

Benefits Direct
Perks Direct
Kith and Kin Financial Solutions
Enlighten Training

Benefits Direct are a leading company in the employee engagement and wellbeing arena.

Benefits Direct offers a wide range of benefits and rewards for employees, customers or volunteers and include everything from savings at cinemas, theme parks and restaurants to support programmes designed to care about the local community.

Tweed Business Advisory are a business support service set up by business owners for business owners. Supporting companies with the right structure, strategy and systems to scale up and maximise company value. An integral part in helping those who want to reward staff and attract top talent to their team. Tweed offer tailored employee benefits packages, including financial health checks using Wealth Personality.

They have found that by following a few simple steps to assess Employee’s financial well being, employers can dramatically increase employee engagement and satisfaction, often without having to increase the current employee benefit budget.

MyPAYE is the online payroll of choice for Small and Medium Businesses, Accountants, Payroll bureaus and Outsourced Payroll Providers. MyPAYE gives your business greater control over your payroll administration. Plus you benefit from MyPAYE's technology, payroll expertise and support team focused on delivering payroll solutions with real benefits to your business.

Skye Wellbeing brings together numerous important benefits under one low-cost App for employees. Skye gives employees and their families unrivalled access to UK doctors 24-7, impressive savings on high street and online purchases to make wages stretch further. Skye also provides online, telephone and face to face support at no extra cost to the employer for mental, physical, financial and legal wellbeing. Focusing on these areas of increasing needs for employees, and their employers has made a clear and natural fit with borofree.

Kith & Kin Financial Wellbeing is a unique Social Enterprise that provides Employees with access to Financial Advice and Money Management programmes all over the UK.

Enlighten Training is a training company specialising in health, wellbeing and safety with a company aim of improving quality of life through inspiring and imparting knowledge and education in new and innovative ways! They cover all kinds of training from mental health and wellbeing to all health and safety needs to help companies support their employees.

the new way to advance your pay

With our technology, we are able to take away the pain of waiting for payday by giving employees financial breathing space. Unlike payday loans and credit cards, using borofree will give them instant access to up to £300 of their salary before payday, for free.
No upfront charges. No hidden costs.


we’re more than just salary advance

borofree is here to help businesses put their people first. By being a financial partner, you’ll be able to help jump start a culture of financial wellness across different businesses.

Improve work productivity and lessen workplace stress by transforming the relationship of employees with money
Atrract, motivate, and retain employees by supporting their financial wellbeing without cost
Quick, secure, and simple enrolment without the need to integrate your payroll to our system
Real-time and automatic repayments that make salary advances effortless

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