salary advance made easy

We’re the first and only salary advance solution that requires no contract and that’s totally free for you and your employees. If you’re looking for an employee benefit and a financial wellness solution for your team, borofree is for you.

We’ve designed it with simplicity in mind so you’ll just have to go through a few steps to get on board.

no hassle, no cost, no tech integration

We’ve made the system so simple that your employees can start using it in as fast as two hours after we set up your employer account!

borofree Salary Advance

join the movement

Sign up your business by filling out our short online form. No integration. No fees. No fuss. It’s that simple.

borofree Download App

download the borofree app

Next, your employees will download the borofree app on their smartphone and set up their FCA-regulated borofree account. It only takes a couple of minutes, no credit checks required.

borofree Online Salary Advance

good to go

Your employees will ask you to send their salary to their borofree account, and we will do the rest.

shop brands that they love and need

Your employees will have access to over 50 brands and retailers, so whatever life throws their way, we’ve got them covered.

borofree employees salary advance