let borofree take you on a financial adventure

We’ll equip you with the right tools and financial guides to elevate your financial situation.

Here’s the financial journey that borofree and Fanny Snaith, Certified Money Coach® prepared for you:

borofree financial adventure


This step will give you a good grasp of money in and out, and the flow in between, so you can experience a smoother cash flow.
borofree learn money skills


You need tracking tools to ensure you stay on course and help you find and learn money skills along the way.
borofree Fitness & Motivation

Fitness &

We’ll help you set the right mindset and identify your purpose and values so whatever life throws your way, you know how to navigate your adventure.
borofree money management


The ultimate goal is make money management a lifestyle choice and not just a bank balance.

welcome to your financial adventure

how do you feel
about money?

Behind words are thoughts and how we think about money is going to greatly affect how much money we have. Watch this short video guide to start building a better relationship with money and good financial habits!

discover your money type

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Everyone, no matter who they are, deals with money and has a relationship with it. Even if you are in management or just starting off with your career, your relationship with money actually impacts how you interact with your team, your family, everyone around you, and even yourself.

Take the Money Type Quiz created by the Money Coaching Institute to find out
which types are the drivers of your financial life today.

living within our means: tips on how to avoid spending more than we earn

We are bombarded with messages telling us to spend and we are only human and find temptation hard to resist.  But getting into debt can be very painful and hard to get out of so it’s best to “plug any holes” in our finances now.

Here are some practical tips to reduce spending.

borofree reduce spending

create your money map

Fanny Snaith designed a money map to help you spend within your means, to get out and stay out of debt, and start saving and investing for the future.

Watch her money mapping guide and get started with the excel tool below.

keeping on track

Get an accurate picture of where your money is going and where you’d like it to go instead.
Watch this quick 5-minute guide from Fanny Snaith to learn how you can build tracking your money a habit.

save your way out of debt

Nobody plans to get into debt – it creeps up over time for many, or crashes in for others who have a change in circumstances that is unexpected.

We need to implement changes in our lives so that we can STAY out of debt and be financially stable.

borofree way out of debt

financial destination

Watch this guide to discover how to properly layout your financial goals and what steps you can take to get to your destination.

finish the 30-day
savings challenge

Challenge yourself to get to your financial destination. Do the 3-day savings challenge and see how far you can go!

borofree savings challenge