frequently asked questions

borofree salary financial support
Can my company join borofree?

To join borofree, your business must be registered in the UK and employ at least ten employees.

Are there any fees to partner with borofree?

No. borofree is a salary advance solution that does not charge either the employer or the employee. We don't charge interest, and we don't charge fees permanently.

Your employees can choose not to join borofree; it is an optional benefit that allows them to advance up to £300 of their wage or salary payment.

How will borofree benefit my employees?

borofree allows members to advance up to £300 of their next wage or salary payment in the form of retail cards without interest, fees, or costs. It also doesn't require credit checks, nor will it affect their credit score.

When money gets tight, employees may turn to high-cost forms of credit, leading to future debt, stress and anxiety. Our cashless salary advance instils financial discipline where you only use the goods and services you capped at £300.

How will borofree benefit the employer?

Partnering with borofree will allow you to offer your employees a financial well-being program that's completely free for you and them. It's a cost-free way for you to lessen workplace stress and boost company productivity. It will also support you in attracting, motivating, and retaining employees without cost. Moreover, you are providing a benefit that is relevant to them.

Is it easy to register with borofree?

Joining borofree is simple. We require no contracts, no technical integration and can get you onboard in less than 2 hours. You may contact us at to get started.

How secure is the company's data?

borofree uses suitable encryption methods, and we frequently test our systems to ensure data is safe and protected.

We have acquired ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications to further support data security.

What employee data will you require from the employer?

borofree will need to verify that an applicant to our platform is an actual employee of the employer.

This can be successfully achieved through the verification process, which can be accomplished between 1-3 data points. For more information, please get in touch with us at

Is my company liable for any funds?

No. borofree will always be free for you and your employees.

What risks am I taking on as an employer?

Zero. When an employer signs up to borofree, they will not be liable for any financial risk related to their employees' use of borofree solution.

What happens if an employee has not earned enough to pay their Salary Advance?

We look to ensure that the individual is not in a position where their wage or salary payment is less than any salary advance from borofree. In the unusual event where this happens, we will work with the employee to find the best way to repay any outstanding balance. The employee's salary advance is in the employee's name, and they are responsible for paying it back.

What happens with wage or salary deductions, e.g., tax, NI, sick pay etc.?

There will be no changes to how your payroll is usually processed. borofree does not need to integrate into your payroll either.

What happens if an employment contract is terminated?

When you join borofree, both you, the employer and the employee agree to notify us of any employment termination.

borofree will settle any amounts owed from the employee's final wage or salary payment, and then we will sort the rest. Please contact us at to inform us of a change to any employees' employment status.

What does it cost to join borofree?

borofree is totally free! It's a salary advance solution that's 0% interest, £0 fees, and £0 cost. It doesn't require credit checks and has no impact on your credit score.

Who can join borofree?

borofree is available to anyone who is currently employed. Your employer must be a borofree customer to receive the benefit. You must be 18 years of age or older.

How does borofree work?

borofree allows employees to advance up to £300 of their next wage or salary payment in the form of gift cards, at 0% interest, £0 fees and £0 cost.

When you sign up with us, we will set you up with your own borofree salary advance account. We ask for your salary to be paid into this account. On payday, we will collect any advance owed from your salary, and forward the remainder of your salary to your usual high-street bank account within seconds.

The account is provided by our partner Modulr who are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA requires companies such as Modulr to operate under strict regulation and to Safeguard all client funds.

What happens if I leave my employment?

You need to inform us of any change to your employment status at Your borofree account is valid up until your final wage, or salary payment has been paid.

If your new employer is not signed up to borofree, please refer us, at,to their HR department and leave the rest to us. You will still be able to browse in the borofree app and redeem existing retail cards, but you will not make new retail card purchases.

What can I do if I've forgotten my login details?

Simply tap forgotten password on the app's login screen and follow the instructions. If you are still experiencing some issues, then please get in touch with customer support at

Is borofree a payday loan?

No. Our cashless salary advance instils financial discipline where you only use the goods and services you need and capped at £300 every month.

It is a financial well-being benefit provided by your employer and will never require interest payment, transactions fees, or usage costs.