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Unlike payday loans and credit cards, using borofree will give you instant access to up to £300 of your salary before payday, for free.

No upfront charges. No hidden costs.


get what you need, when you need it

borofree payday
Keira has a flat tyre and it’s 6 days till payday. The cash machine tells her that she only has £20. We know the feeling.
borofree gift card
Fortunately, Keira has borofree. She uses the borofree app to purchase a £100 Halfords gift card.
This is the instant support that we offer.
borofree payday advance
With her tyre repaired, Keira continues travelling to work. Payday arrives and her £100 advance is automatically paid back. No charges. No interest. No worries.

welcome to the future of salary advances

With our technology, we are able to take away the pain of waiting for payday by giving you financial breathing space.

borofree brands and retailers
Gain access to more than 50 brands and retailers
borofree salary advance
Get quick and advance access to up to £300 of your salary every month
borofree gift cards
Manage your gift cards tin one place
borofree send gift cards
Send gift cards to family and friends
borofree spending repayment
Track your spending and facilitate repayment effortlessly

shop the brands you love and need

And we’re not stopping here. You’ll get updates whenever we have new partners where you can shop products and services from.

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available for you

On your borofree award-winning app, enter your company name to check if it is part of your employee perks.

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financial happiness stories that we’re sure you can relate to

borofree william m

"I was originally hesitant to sign up to borofree because of negative experiences I’ve had with alternative solutions. Using borofree has really helped me budget and stopped me for being frivolous with my money. Now, I feel so much more in control."

- william m

borofree jodie d

“I’ve had bad experiences with pay day loans in the past so being able to access borofree really is a blessing to me, especially since it doesn’t affect my credit file either.”

- jodie d

borofree thomas

“Using the borofree app in store is very easy to use and is generally quicker than paying with card or with cash. Being able to clearly see what you have spent for the month and the clarity of how you pay it back - through your employer straight from your wages - saves me worrying about having to manually pay this back.”

- thomas l