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borofree helps you budget, save, and buy the things you need without penalty or interest. Pick up essentials and products from over 50 of UK’s most-loved brands.

how borofree can help in your daily life

borofree cash payday
Keira has a flat tyre and it’s 6 days till payday. The cash machine tells her that she only has £20. We know the feeling.
borofree halfords gift card
Fortunately, Keira has borofree. She uses the borofree app to purchase a £100 Halfords gift card. This is the instant support that we offer.
borofree no charges payday
With her tyre repaired, Keira continues travelling to work. Payday arrives and her £100 advance is automatically paid back. No charges. No interest. No worries.

the gift of financial freedom

Get to shop for products and services from more than 50 brands that you know and love, with up to £300 of your salary, any day before pay day. Our list of partner brands is always growing so the best time to sign up and use borofree is now.